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On July 6th 2017 by admin

Gold Cornerstone Properties LLC, based out of Charlotte,NC; spawned from a family legacy who sought to build strong foundations with substance and fortitude.  We are a new and progressive real estate investment company established in 2017; focused on the development, management, acquisition, and ownership of residential, commercial, & mixed-use properties. Being built on the highest standards of excellence and a strong commitment to community, we take pride in creating value by uncovering and developing potential.  We have a keen understanding of the demographics, economic conditions, development trends and regulatory environment within the market.  Our firm aims to maximize adjusted returns by deploying fundamental and viable value strategies that minimize major risks to maintain smooth business transactions from inception to completion.

We believe in two core values that prove to be powerful foundation builders within business, which is Knowledge & Communication.

*Knowledge:  Having true knowledge about real estate reaches far beyond the spectrum of the market itself.  We pride ourselves on the importance of details, the efficiency of service, and total dedication throughout any real estate venture.  What we don’t personally do “in house”, we supplement through our professional relationships with contractors, brokers, attorneys, and consultants.

*Communication:  Real estate deals and transactions are time-sensitive and each phase requires individual and careful attention.  If the communication isn’t fluent, a deal could fail in many aspects.  Our team of professionals are equipped with the exceptional skills to communicate competently to solve various queries and to develop confidence in all parties involved.